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About Liri

Liri is passionate about creating vibrant, unique jewellery designs that make the modern woman feel confident, happy and knowing she deserves the best. Each of Liri’s limited edition designs is crafted from semi-precious gemstones, precious metals and natural materials, ensuring you receive the high-quality jewellery you deserve.

Liri is a Mauritian jewellery brand that draws inspiration from the energy and colour of the beautiful island, capturing it in exquisite designs. Liri’s jewellery is a blend of handmade fine silver statement pendants and beautiful, vibrant gemstones from all around the world. You can choose from bold, colourful, statement jewellery, playful designs, through to elegant, understated pieces.

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close up heart charm

Hi, I’m Natalie, the founder and designer at Liri Jewellery. I passionately believe jewellery should be designed and created to ensure we can always express ourselves freely through the style of jewellery we wish to wear. With over ten jewellery collections, you can explore our easy to wear collections, or dive straight in with our luxury designs. Whatever you choose, each collection is inspired by the colour and vibrancy of the beautiful island of Mauritius combined with international jewellery trends.  

Having moved to Mauritius nearly four years ago, the vibrancy of the island brought a new lease of life to my designs. Colour is everywhere in Mauritius and I cannot help but design my jewellery with plenty of colour. Each Liri jewellery collection is limited edition, and I also bring new collections to you on a regular basis. Like you, I expect my jewellery to be made of high quality materials, which is why I use only genuine gemstones, handmade fine silver charms, unique to Liri, and sterling silver elements.

YourLiri jewellery
Natalie Williams - Your Liri

With each piece finished with Liri’s signature logo tag, you can always be confident you’re receiving a genuine Liri design.

Ensuring you are completely happy with your jewellery is of central importance to us, and I will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Easy and transparent communication is vital so please feel free to contact us via Messenger, email, phone, via our online form, on Facebook or Instagram. If you love our jewellery but want a design just that little bit different, I will also personally work with you to ensure you receive that perfectly bespoke design.

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Bold, statement designs or classic,
understated elegance…you choose…


Reflect your style – from elegant and classic,
vibrant and contemporary, to cool and casual…

Your Liri- transparent logo
Your Liri- transparent logo


Elegantly dainty or stylishly stacked…
Make an impact on how you wish with our stunning designs…

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