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Experience serenity
and tranquillity with our new
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Celebrate the love, connections and bonds in your life, with our ‘Eterno’ collection.

Experience the joy of a perfectly unique piece of jewellery, designed just for you

What our customers say:

“…she created something unique that fits perfectly. Incredible quality work and beautiful designs…”
– Joanna Bruneau

“Liri jewellery is absolutely stunning… The quality and craftsmanship is fantastic. Beautiful colours and individual designs”
– Emma Plumb

“Liri -Beautiful, delicate created jewellery that captures the essence of who you are”
– Chantal Blandin de Chalain

“Great designs, great service and great style – 10/10”
– Elaine Hobson

About Liri

I want you to wear jewellery that enables you to express your authentic self, always.

I’m Natalie, the founder and designer at Liri Jewellery and I’m passionate about designing jewellery that helps you to tell your story and be who you truly are. We’re all different, so whether you love wearing bolder, statement designs, dainty silver chains, or want a truly unique design just for you, you will always feel ‘like you’ in my jewellery. To read more about the inspiration behind the designs I make for you, click here.

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