About Liri Jewellery

Hi, I’m Natalie, the founder, designer and creator at Liri Jewellery. As a designer, I create my collections with one thing in mind – to bring you high quality jewellery that enables you to express your authentic self – always! The right piece of jewellery has the power to truly transform how we feel and how we express ourselves, which is why it’s my mission to ensure you always wear jewellery that is 100% you. No more throwing on jewellery as an afterthought to our outfit, rather we see it as a key part of our self-expression that can make us feel truly alive. Whether you prefer casual, statement or dainty designs, my collections and custom designs will ensure you’re always true to who you are. 

Liri is the Albanian word for ‘freedom’ and no woman should ever feel she isn’t free to be her true self. At the age of 36, I reclaimed my freedom and began ensuring everything I did in life allowed me to express my true self, not least by wearing the right piece of jewellery. Jewellery helps me express my personality and I want you to feel the jewellery you wear does the same for you. With Liri Jewellery, you can always tell your story through elegant design. 

With over ten jewellery collections available online, ranging from elegant, to statement, to dainty, to boho, you can choose which design you feel helps you tell your story. 

My inspiration

Originally from Wales in the UK, I spent five years on the beautiful island of Mauritius, in the South Indian Ocean, where the vibrancy and colour of the island were a huge source of inspiration for me. I recently returned to South Wales, where the beauty of the natural world around me continues to inspire my designs. Transport yourself to wherever soothes you, or wherever invigorates you; however you want to feel, there is a collection for you. Enjoy paradise with our colourful, twinkling bold gem creations, or experience the serenity of the rolling south Wales hills with our sleek silver designs. 

My promise to you

Treating you as the individual you are is at the core of my customer care. This is why I regularly bring you new collections, give you the opportunity to personalise many designs, and work with you to create that ultimate unique jewellery design, just for you. Please feel free to contact me via telephone, message, social media, email…whatever is most convenient to you. Because jewellery can affect how we feel, giving you what you need so you can feel exactly how you want to, is my priority. 

I also enjoy sharing all the latest Liri news and behind the scenes sneak peeks with you, so come and join me on  Facebook or Instagram so we can get to know each other better.  

I thoroughly enjoy giving you more than just beautiful jewellery. Would you like FREE standard shipping anywhere, FREE jewellery hints and tips, special offers and exclusive access to jewellery collections that aren’t available to everyone? Why not join the Liri family, and it’s all yours. Are you unsure what gem suits you or would like to learn more about the gems I use? Then why not read our About the Gemstones page. Would you like to read about why I use only genuine gemstones, or how to trust your jewellery designer? Please take a look at my blogs and enjoy!

I am so excited to get to know you better and to provide you with your ideal jewellery design.