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Wear the heavens around your wrist with this collection of handmade bold, statement gemstone charm bracelets, where soothing gemstones perfectly combine with bold and beautiful heavenly handmade fine silver charms. Choose the statement you want to make by wearing them individually or stacked together.

Depending on which element  suits your mood, choose from a star, moon, sun or angel charm, each with its own meaning. Further match your piece to your style and mood by choosing from tropical Fluorite, soothing Botswana Agate, calming Amazonite or serene Rose Quartz gemstones. Each charm is textured with a joyful ‘sunrise’ texture. These bracelets really will put you in a positive frame of mind.

Six handmade twisted sterling silver hoops jingle playfully between the gemstones. Length of each bracelet is 19cm.

Gemstone properties

Check out each of our designs to learn more of the properties of the gemstones used.