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‘Uno’ – the Italian word for ‘one’. With each one of us being completely unique, what better way to celebrate our individuality and that of our loved ones than by keeping that special initial close to us at all times. This range of elegant and classic jewellery designs allows you to wear your choice of initial as a necklace, bracelet or ring, whichever way suits your style and sentiment.

To further celebrate ‘uniqueness’, this collection allows you to personalise every aspect of your design. Not only will you choose your initial, but you also have a choice of 3 fonts for the engraving. You can also choose from 3 gemstones to add to each piece of jewellery – Amethyst, Peridot or Citrine, each with the following meaning:

Amethyst – It is said to be the gem of protection. It is known as the soul stone and helps us rejoice in the spirit of our loved ones.

Peridot – It is said this gemstone inspires happiness and contentment. It helps to recognise and honour the creator’s frequency of love, which is the source of all abundance.

Citrine – It is said this gemstone fosters good relationships and attracts love and happiness.

Each design is made from fine and sterling silver and a dainty, twinkling genuine gemstone. Each pendant is engraved by hand so there may be a very slight variation in each one, further adding to the uniqueness of each design.

Each necklace is 46cm in length. Each bracelet is 18cm in length. The size of the pendant on both is approx. 10mm in diameter. The size of the disk on each ring is approx. 7mm in diameter. Each gemstone is between 3-4mm in size.