Fine silver initial pendant bracelet



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Wear your pendant in an elegant bracelet for ultimate chic look. Choose the style of engraving and the accompanying gemstone, whichever one you feel matches the emotion you hold dear. Each pendant is made from fine silver on a sterling silver chain. 

Choose your initial from 3 fonts – Poppins,  Playball, Charmonman

Choose from 3 gemstones, each with the following meaning:

Amethyst – It is said this is the gem of protection. It is known as the soul stone and helps us rejoice in the spirit of our loved ones. 

Peridot – It is said this gemstone inspires happiness and contentment. It helps to recognise and honour the creator’s frequency of love, which is the source of all abundance. 

Citrine – It is said this gemstone fosters good relationships and attracts love and happiness.

Each bracelet is 18cm in length. The size of the pendant is approx. 10mm in diameter. 

Silver weight – 3.6g

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